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N. Franko

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What The Heart Wants

A Fairland Romance

Being stranded in a small town was not a part of Charlotte Harcotte’s romantic getaway plans. Had she not flipped her car into a ditch, she would already be known as the future Mrs. Nick Rutherford. Except flipping her car into a ditch is exactly what she did and now she’s stuck, all alone, in a one-horse town.

She never planned on staying longer than a week, much less falling in love with the town. And she certainly never anticipated on having feelings for a ruggedly handsome hotel manager. Now, Charlotte is stuck in more ways than one. The life of luxury she’s used to is suddenly a burden and her sexy fiancé doesn’t seem so nice after all.

Caught between two worlds, she must choose between the life she knows and the life that her hearts really wants.

Technically Scripted Book Cover

Technically Scripted

A Romantic Comedy of Errors, #1

I’ll be honest, I half-expected to be fired from my job as a reporter at a newspaper but I didn’t expect to come home to find my boyfriend in bed with his best friend.

During my very public meltdown at a coffee shop, I didn’t expect to bump into the biggest Hollywood star on the planet or have my picture all over the tabloids. I definitely didn’t expect him to tell everyone I was his girlfriend!

Now I’m in this strange world of Hollywood glitz and glamour all because Ryan Vexler needs to clean up his public image. The thing is, I think he’s kind of into me. I know I’m definitely starting to fall for him.


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N. Franko

N. Franko is a writer and musician living in Canada. When she’s not writing love stories or making music, she’s taking pictures of random things in her office for her Instagram and watching the latest Netflix original. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for news on her next release.