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N. Franko

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Technically Married

One More Romantic Comedy of Errors

What drove them apart might just be what brings them back together again.

Former punk rocker Valerie spent her days searching for something she’s never had—a stable relationship. She found some semblance of it with her incredibly sexy boss but there’s just one problem, technically she’s already married to a starving artist musician.

When her former best friend invited her to her celebrity wedding to Hollywood movie star, Ryan Vexler, Valerie saw it as a chance to finally confront her estranged husband and get that divorce. She got more than what she bargained for when she finally learned the truth about the ending of their marriage.

Now, the rock star she’s spent her days running away from awakened something inside her. Valerie thought she could deny who she really was—and who she really loved—but she suddenly realizes that she doesn’t want to. And it feels so good!

If you like your romcoms with rock stars, a few celebrities and a whole lot of laughs, you’ll love Technically Married, book 3 in the Romantic Comedy of Errors series by author N. Franko.

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Technically Speaking

Another Romantic Comedy of Errors

Money never mattered to millionaire socialite, Stacey Holiday—until she lost it all!

My grandmother, the great Gladys Gladwell Holiday and I were never really close, but when she died, I still mourned her the only way I knew how: wine straight from the bottle and randomly texting HottGuy69 on an anonymous dating site.

It was nice of Grandmother to leave me everything she owned to inherit on my wedding day, but it wasn’t like I needed the money. Except, my father was just arrested and my family’s assets are now frozen so yes, I very much need Grandma’s money!

Then, my childhood friend, Logan, suddenly pops back into my life.


TThe sweet, humble, chubby, Italian kid who worked for my grandmother turned into a hot, sexy specimen of a man and we reconnected in more ways then one.

Then, my family pushes him away and for good, this time. I never thought I would ever see him again. That is, until I learned the identity of HottGuy69…

Technically Speaking is a fast-paced, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy with more sweetness than you can handle. It is book two of N. Franko’s Romantic Comedy of Errors, but can be read alone and in any order.

Technically Scripted Book Cover

Technically Scripted

A Romantic Comedy of Errors, #1

He’s a bad boy movie star. I'm just a failed reporter. This assignment was supposed to be temporary. So why does it feel like our love isn’t just scripted?

After being fired from my job as a reporter and finding my boyfriend cheating on me, I figured I owed it to myself to have a public meltdown. I just didn’t expect it to be in front of Hollywood’s biggest, most egotistical movie star, Ryan Vexler—or the paparazzi, who plastered my photo all over the tabloids and called me is girlfriend!

Now, I’m trying to navigate this strange world of Hollywood glitz and glamour because Ryan needs to clean up his public image. For some reason, he thinks I’m the one to do just that. What he doesn’t know is that I’m a failure. I failed as a musician. I failed as a reporter. Now I’m failing as a fake girlfriend because my feelings for this man are very, very real.

If you like your romcoms to be laugh-out-loud with a few twists and turns and a touch of sweetness, then you’ll love N. Franko’s debut novella, Technically Scripted, book one of the Romantic Comedy of Errors.


The Runaway

N. Franko’s first full-length, standalone novel.

She always knew what she wanted, but it wasn't what she needed.

Being stranded in a small town was not a part of Charlotte Harcotte’s plans. After a minor car accidents left her stuck in some backwater, one-horse town, her chances of becoming Mrs. Nick Rutherford seemed slim to none.

In just a week, the little town managed to steal her heart… and so has a handsomely rugged hotel owner.

Now, Charlotte is stuck in more ways than one. Her would-be fiance doesn’t seem so nice after all and the life of luxury she’s worked so hard for suddenly seems like a burden. Caught between two worlds, Charlotte must choose between the life she knows and the life her heart really wants.

Funny, endearing and heart-warming, The Runaway is N. Franko’s first full-length, standalone novel.


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N. Franko

N. Franko is a reader of all things funny, romantic, magic, scary, dirty or nerdy-basically anything that's words on a page.

A huge fan of authors like Chuck Palahniuk and Sophie Kinsella, she spent much of her days daydreaming of being an author while failing hard as a reporter and production artist for a small town newspaper before taking the plunge and writing her first book, Technically Scripted.

When she's not writing, she's playing drums in a noisy synth-pop band with her rock star husband, annoyingly taking pictures of everything, drinking coffee or watching an obscene amount of television.